SUNDAY JANUARY 5TH 2019 at 19.00 (Berlin Neukölln)
film: 'Im Keller' (2014) by Ulrich Seidl


Ulrich Seidl is an Austrian filmmaker who started off making documentaries
for many years, before turning to making staged works. The intriguing thing though,
is that the difference between these two working methods is hard to distinguish;
his documentary films often feel quite stylized and controlled, while his more fictional
works can give the viewer a strong sense of watching an actual documentary.
Seidl himself doesn't seem to be too interested in separating these two uses
of the medium too much. The story itself is more important to him than
the applied method. He therefore also likes to mix professional actors
with people who don't have any acting experience at all; which often leads to
suprisingly disarming performances.

'Im Keller' ('In the Basement') is one of his latest productions and a clear example
of his recognisable style. Many judge his films as controversial, because of their
bluntness and honesty, but Seidl usually also succeeds in finding plenty of
appreciation for his work.



SUNDAY DECEMBER 1ST 2019 at 19.00 (Berlin Neukölln)
film: 'Addio zio Tom' (1971) by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi


Accused of being racists after completing their 1966 documentary 'Africa Addio',
about the decolonisation of Africa, the two Italian filmmakers Jacopetti & Prosperi
turned to making their first scripted work; 'Addio zio Tom' ('Goodbye Uncle Tom').
This film deals with the history of slavery, focussing on the US
through visiting three different moments in time:
the era of the actual transatlantic slave trade, the 19th century
and the period of the civil rights and black power movements in the late 60s and early 70s
(presented in a mix of both documentary and staged footage).

Appreciated by some and hated by others, 'Addio zio Tom' is a controversial
and often over-the-top film full of cynicism, but based on honest feelings and opinions;
which are still very much alive today.